Class III Match

Class III


Michael D’Angelo


Email: Mike D’Angelo

Metacon is proud to be able to offer members the ability to shoot Class III (full auto) firearms. Additionally we offer Class III matches. Initially developed for the pistol caliber submachine gun shooter, they now include semi-auto pistol caliber rifles. All pistol caliber courses of fire must use straight wall cartridges. The Class III courses of fire are based on practical IPSC competition and the Official Rules for NFA Submachine Gun Competitions. The matches include IPSC paper targets as well as steel targets. We have bowling pin matches as well as falling plate matches. Class III also holds and annual outdoor Assault/Battle rifle match where the use of full auto and semi auto rifle caliber guns are allowed.

All shooters wishing to use full auto in a match must have completed Metacon’s Class III checkout. Shooters using semi-auto rifles do not need to complete the full auto checkout, which is usually held after a Class III match during the warmer months. Contact the director for more details. No additional checkout is required for the semi-auto shooters as Range Officers and Safety Officers are with each shooter during each course of fire.

Metacon Class III matches are held once a month all year round. During the summer months the matches are held on the outdoor range beginning at 10:00am and in the winter months, the matches are held indoors beginning at 10:00am. The matches are typically held on the third Sunday of each month. All of our matches are open to the public.