Juniors Shooting Program – Training and Competition

Metacon Gun Club in Simsbury, Connecticut has offered precision small bore rifle training and shooting activities for Juniors for decades. 

Our Junior Program is one of the best in the state, open to youth of any experience level from Beginner to Advanced and everyone in between. Participants should have an interest in the sport and must be able to demonstrate maturity, focus, and safety when handling a firearm. Your child will be evaluated to ensure they are ready and eligible to participate. Our program offers participants access to all the supplies necessary to explore the sport, including the use of club rifles, targets, safety equipment and garments. Participants are welcome to use their own equipment. Our nationally certified rifle coaches expertly instruct, train, and support participants to excel in the sport. Participants can also learn long-range high-power shooting skills from our coaches. 

Parents/guardians are not required to have a Membership at Metacon Gun Club for their child to participate in the Juniors Program. This is a community-based marksmanship program that encompasses the basic elements of safety, education, enjoyment, and competition. All services and supplies are provided by Metacon Gun Club without requiring costly expenses or membership. 

Some of the key benefits our participants gain through shooting sports: 

  • Responsibility: Participants learn how to handle firearms safely and responsibly. They also learn how to care for their equipment properly and independently. 
  • Discipline: Shooting sports require discipline and focus. Participants learn to control their breathing, hold a steady aim, avoid distractions, and maintain their concentration. 
  • Sportsmanship: Participants must respect their fellow competitors and follow the ideology of sportsmanship; good form, the will to win, equity and fairness. 
  • Confidence: Participants who learn to shoot feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, which can boost their all-around self-esteem. 
  • Firearms Safety: Learning about firearm safety in a controlled and supervised environment allows participants to develop a healthy respect for firearms and a strong understanding of how to handle guns safely. 

As your child develops a strong interest in the sport and regularly participates in the practices and matches, nonfamily participants are encouraged to join Metacon Gun Club as Junior Members for the nominal fee of $40/yr. Once a current Junior Member reaches 21 years of age, they can apply for Metacon’s regular individual membership, and are automatically moved to the top of the waitlist. This is a bonus as Metacon often has a lengthy waitlist.  

The goal of the Metacon’s Junior Shooting Program is to develop interest in precision shooting sports while promoting education, independence, responsibility, and sportsmanship skills. Participants are encouraged to compete in local and state matches and work toward competing at Nationals held at Camp Perry, Ohio. Metacon Gun Club covers all competition entry fees.  

We invite you to join one of our weekly practices held year-round on Mondays at 5:00PM. 

For more information please contact: 

Stephanie Gould 
Director (860)402-5424